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StorTrends, the data storage division of American Megatrends, offers traditional Spinning Disk, SSD Hybrid, and All Flash Storage units at the most aggressive price points in the storage industry. All StorTrends units are shipped with an all-inclusive, enterprise-class feature set including Deduplication, Compression, Auto Data Tiering, Advanced Snapshots, Replication and many more. Unlike most storage vendors, all storage devices in the StorTrends product line integrate seamlessly with each other to provide users with the most customizable and cost-effective storage solution possible.


StorTrends 3610i

The StorTrends 3610i is an All Flash Array architected for scalable environments up to 256TB of useable data with inline deduplication and compression.


StorTrends 3600i

The StorTrends 3600i is an All Flash Array with inline deduplication and compression that stores up to 64TB of usable data.


StorTrends 3500i

The StorTrends 3500i is an SSD Hybrid for VDI and high performance environments.


StorTrends 3400i

The StorTrends 3400i is a dual controller SAN unit with support for 15k SAS and 7.2k NL-SAS drives for high capacity, archival and/or disaster recovery.


StorTrends 3202j

The StorTrends 3202j is a single or dual controller expansion shelf for seamless capacity and performance expansion to the 3610i, 3600i, 3500i, and 3400i units.

Customer Quote

StorTrends had literally every single feature I was looking for; auto tiering, data dedupe and archiving, innovative data replication and WAN Optimization, a certified VWware® plug-in -- everything. When I saw the GUI and how easy it is to use, I knew I had to take a further look. I got all the functionality I wanted and a much better GUI for literally half the cost of similar solutions from other vendors. In our budget-conscious era, this was an extremely welcome surprise.
Tim Robinson, Sr. IT Coordinator
University of Maryland