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What is All Flash Storage?

All Flash Storage arrays, also known as All Flash Arrays (AFAs), are comprised solely of solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver unmatched levels of performance. Thanks to revolutionary data compaction technologies such as inline compression and deduplication, StorTrends truly makes the price of flash comparable to traditional spinning disk storage.

StorTrends Online Price Configurator

Are you wondering what the price of a StorTrends All Flash Array would cost your organization? Enter your specific requirements in the online StorTrends Price Configurator and we will configure the system per your requirements and generate a price for you. Select your capacity, application type, interface and support type to generate a pricing proposal for the StorTrends storage appliance that best fits your needs.

The StorTrends 2610i

The StorTrends 2610i is an All Flash Array (AFA) that meets the needs of organizations’ most performance-intensive applications at a price they can afford. Capable of scaling up to 256TB of capacity in a single stack, the 2610i leverages state-of-the-art deduplication and compression for superb space savings. The 2610i also utilizes two different types of solid state drives – one designed for write performance and the other geared toward read performance – and intelligently employs them as a Write Tier and Read Tier on the system. By taking advantage of both, users not only experience significantly higher performance, but also drastically longer drive endurance compared to other all flash arrays. Unlike other all-flash vendors, each 2610i is tailored toward each customer’s environment adhering to their unique needs.

"When used in a virtual server environment, we have found the StorTrends 3500i SSD Array delivers superior performance, reliability and efficiency, end-to-end," said Jayesh Dave, CEO, Avision Technologies. "It has helped us achieve new levels of management flexibility with a total ownership cost that is lower than we could have imagined. This efficient solution has also helped us to reduce energy consumption costs and because it integrates seamlessly with VMware Vsphere and Hyper-V we can deliver the flexible virtual server and virtual storage management options our customers both need and want."
Jayesh Dave, CEO
Avision Technologies

Demo Request

Register for a live demo of the StorTrends Stortrends 3500i storage appliance. This is a thirty minute demo session with a StorTrends Technical Sales Engineer. During the demo we will take a deeper dive into your environment to further assess your storage needs and requirements.

Price Calculator

Select your disk type, disk size, interface, capacity and support type to generate a pricing proposal for the StorTrends storage appliance that best fits your needs. It's okay. You don't have to speak with a sales rep to get a price quote for StorTrends.

SSD White Paper

Download this free white paper to review the individual features of the StorTrends 3500i. This white paper covers the details of each feature and the benefits that users will experience from implementation.