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What is Hybrid Storage?

Hybrid Storage is the most cost-effective storage solution to deliver superior performance and substantial capacity within a single array. By combining solid-state drives (SSDs) with SAS or NL-SAS drives, users can realize the monumental performance benefits of SSDs, as well as the high storage density of SAS/NL-SAS disks that balance costs and provide massive capacity. Hybrid storage arrays generate the performance and storage necessary for VDI, heavy-hitting databases, and other IO-intensive applications. Is your infrastructure a candidate for Hybrid Storage? Run the free StorTrends iDATA Tool today to generate a comprehensive report identifying your capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads versus writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance, server statistics and application information. The detailed report will help identify your environments performance metrics and provide insight on the type of configuration best suited for your infrastructure.

The StorTrends 3500i

The StorTrends 3500i is a Hybrid/All Flash array engineered to deliver unparalleled performance at the most aggressive price point in the industry. With innovative technologies such as Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV) and tandem SSD Caching and SSD Tiering, users' data is automatically adjusted using data pattern algorithms to allocate solid state performance to the most critical data. The StorTrends 3500i was crafted to offer users unrivaled functionality, enhanced performance, and precise automation -- all at an affordable price.

"When used in a virtual server environment, we have found the StorTrends 3500i SSD Array delivers superior performance, reliability and efficiency, end-to-end," said Jayesh Dave, CEO, Avision Technologies. "It has helped us achieve new levels of management flexibility with a total ownership cost that is lower than we could have imagined. This efficient solution has also helped us to reduce energy consumption costs and because it integrates seamlessly with VMware Vsphere and Hyper-V we can deliver the flexible virtual server and virtual storage management options our customers both need and want."
Jayesh Dave, CEO
Avision Technologies