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StorTrends iTX Storage Management Software

StorTrends iTX 5.0 Storage Management Software from AMI is a full-featured storage management suite designed to leverage the power of dual controller SAN appliances for peak performance and reliability. It easily meets the rigorous demands of today's data centers and IT departments and is cost-effective, scalable, and suitable for both novice and advanced users. Featuring real platform independent High Availability and excellent support for virtualized and clustered application servers, StorTrends is the solution of choice for those who want to get the most out of their storage.

This new, 64-bit version of StorTrends iTX storage software is designed to be at home in a data center or server room as front-line storage for high-volume transactions or as part of a tiered storage solution. Its atuo-failover capability for dual controller appliances ensures that any disaster or interruption is handled smoothly and makes it a solid candidate for mission-critical data that requires "always on" availability and reliability.

Customers seeking high performance along with high uptime will find the SSD enabled dual controller StorTrends appliances powered by StorTrends iTX 5.0 network storage software very attractive. StorTrends iTX 5.0 enables the use of SSDs in hot and cold tiers along with the power of deduplication to reduce the number of physical drives required for large installations. However, like its predecessor, StorTrends iTX 2.8, this latest version of StorTrends iTX keeps many of the aspects that users know and love, including the ManageTrends™ GUI for "single pane of glass" storage management, easy-to-use wizards for simple, fast configuration and a host of all-inclusive, enterprise-class features at no added cost.

Because StorTrends iTX 5.0 produces such an increase with the SSD driven IOPS, features like Asynchronous Replication with WDS are added value that our customers have come to expect. This platform is also ideally suited for Disaster Recovery (DR) applications requiring a secondary appliance in an offsite location, as WDS continues to provide exceptional savings in bandwidth usage and data transfer times. The remote Data Archiving with Deduplication feature adds additional layers of flexibility and functionality to its replication capabilities, and takes it beyond a mere DR role into the realm of true data warehousing.

Dual controller StorTrends appliances running StorTrends iTX 5.0 conserve hardware (i.e. duplication of additional disk) and integration costs and precious rack space while providing outstanding uptime. From high performance primary data storage, backup and recovery, remote and local storage, to replication and multiple site backups, StorTrends iTX 5.0 does it all.

With Thin Provisioning and our patented Auto Tiering, the expansion capability of StorTrends iTX 5.0 can be leveraged to the maximum. The sophisticated Auto Tiering/Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) of StorTrends iTX 5.0 analyzes data for its value, and stores it accordingly - in the fastest, most responsive top-tier storage for the most frequently accessed data, and automatically migrates it down the chain to less expensive, dedupable cold tier SSD storage as it loses value. For organizations struggling to contain the cost of adding new storage and exploding volumes of data, Auto Tiering can manage data growth and accessibility, reduce cost, improve recovery, and remove risk and exposure to data loss.

Expandability is also a key attribute of StorTrends iTX 5.0. With the ability to expand up to three StorTrends 2502j JBODs, SAN appliances with StorTrends iTX 5.0 network storage software enable organizations to solve all of their data storage pain points with a single StorTrends appliance. StorTrends iTX 5.0 provides enterprise-level performance, high availability and disaster recovery at a price that appeals to small and medium-size businesses (SMB).

64-Bit version of StorTrends iTX Storage Software

Dual Controller Support Auto-Failover/Failback in Active/Active or Active/Passive Configurations for outstanding reliability, performance and uptime
Software RAID with RAID-RT Technology RAID from a company with proven RAID experience, performance and scalability to 256TB
Data Archiving Data Dediplication and Compression for archiving data remotely
SSD Tiering Hierarchical Tiering of Data based on activity. Utilize write intensive SSDs for hot data and read intensive SSDs for cold data
Deduplication Save on disk costs by deduplicating at the block level
Enlift Cache Patented cache buffer to extend the life of the SSDs in the system
Near CDP with Data Snapshots Advanced Redirect on Write (ROW) Snapshots with support for 8,192 Snapshots
WDS Technology Replication enhancements with WAN Optimization, Data Deduplication, Compression and Encryption for secure and fast replication of volumes
Data Replication Replicate data to DR and remote sites, one way, bi-directional, or multi-site
Vertical Expansion Save hardware and disk costs by expansion with up to three StorTrends JBOD enclosures, with multipathing for increased performance and reliability
Virtualization Support for the leading virtualization suites including VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xen
Multi-Platform replication Lower DR Costs by replicating between any StorTrends appliance
Advanced Features
  • Dual Controller Support: Auto Failover/Failback in Active/Active or Active/Passive Configurations
  • Software RAID with RAID-RT™ Technology: Scalability to 256 TB
  • SSD Availability: Supports solid state drives
  • Data Archiving: Data Deduplication and Compression for Archiving Data Remotely
  • Auto Tiering: Hierarchical Tiering of Data with Information Lifecycle Management and Zoned Bit Recording (ZBR)
  • Near-CDP with Data Snapshots: Advanced Redirect on Write (ROW) Snapshots, with support for 8,192 Snapshots
  • WDS Technology: Compression, Encryption, Data deduplication and WAN Optimization for fast replication
  • Data Replication: Replicate Data to DR (Disaster Recovery) and Remote Sites
  • Vertical Capacity Expansion: Save hardware and disk costs by expansion with up to three StorTrends 2502j JBOD Appliances, with multipathing for increased performance and reliability
  • Virtualization: Support for leading virtualization suites including VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V and Citrix® Xen™
  • Multi-Platform Replication: Lower DR costs by replicating between single and dual controller StorTrends storage appliances
  • Multiple Options for NIC Teaming: Round Robin, Transmit Load Balance and 802.3AD

  • Backup
  • VSS-based backup support for Windows® Servers
  • Backup agents for popular application servers like Microsoft® Exchange Server and Oracle®
  • Snapshot Scheduling
  • Intuitive Snapshot Management
  • iSCSI Tape Backup Support

  • iSNS Configuration
  • Up to 16 iSNS servers are supported
  • Compatible with Microsoft® iSNS Server v3.0 and later versions
  • iSNS Client Supporting Draft 22 of iSNS Specification
  • ACL security implementation supports: Local users, Windows® NT/2000/2003/2008 Domain users, NIS Domain users
  • iSCSI Target Configurations
  • iSCSI Qualified Name (iqn) format
  • Enable/Disable individual network ports for iSCSI traffic
  • iSCSI target supporting iSCSI RFC 3720
  • iSCSI error recovery level 0, 1 and 2
  • Maximum of 8 connections per session
  • Maximum of 256 target volumes
  • Multiple levels of authentication: Mutual CHAP, User Name/Password CHAP Authentication & iSCSI initiator
  • WWN Name
  • iSCSI Portal Tag Configuration from UI
  • View iSCSI data and error statistics

  • Management
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) through RS232 & SSH
  • "Single pane of glass" ManageTrends™ GUI
  • Simple customization and theme updates

  • Event Management
  • Detailed Event Log
  • Email Alerts
  • SNMP Traps (up to 4 destinations)

  • Remote Management
  • ManageTrends™ GUI
  • CLI (SSH)

  • Storage Data Management
  • Auto Tiering - Information Lifecycle Management with Zoned Bit Recording (ZBR)
  • Storage Resource Management / Reporting Module
  • Journaling Storage Module
  • Storage Pool Creation & Management
  • LUN (Logical Unit Number) Creation & Management
  • LUN Dynamic Volume Expansion
  • Unified RAID Management
  • Software RAID (5, 50) with RAID-RT™ Robust RAID Technology
  • Auto RAID Rebuild

  • UPS Support
  • Smart UPS Support

  • Application Support
  • Microsoft® Exchange, Oracle®, SQL Server, VMware® ESX Server, Citrix® Xen™, Microsoft® Hyper-V and more