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StorTrends 3610i

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Extreme All-Flash Performance with Scalability

The StorTrends 3610i All Flash Array (AFA) provides extreme flash performance with scalability up to 256TB at an affordable price. The 3610i is purpose built for flash and leverages the industry’s best architected de-duplication and compression engine. StorTrends is able to achieve maximum data reduction through always on, inline deduplication and compression, a 4K granularity, as well as an intelligent hash table system that efficiently optimizes system resources. The StorTrends 3610i delivers peak IO performance of up to 300,000 IOPS and sub 1ms latency.

The 3610i keeps costs down and maximizes performance and reliability by leveraging write intensive and read intensive SSDs with non-disruptive scaling for additional capacity. To maximize reliability, StorTrends has introduced a unique and patented feature called Enlift Caching. Enlift Caching ensures that all incoming writes and rewrites will occur on the write intensive disks in the array while protecting the read intensive disks to conserve precious P/E cycles. This means a guaranteed longer endurance of the SSDs within the StorTrends 3600i and 3610i AFA.

The 3610i continues to provide the feature sets that StorTrends customers around the world have relied on for years, including thin provisioning, auto data tiering, WAN optimized replication, as well as compatibility with legacy StorTrends solutions, without additional costly licensing fees. Delivering on the simple promise of performance, reliability, and affordability, the StorTrends 3610i is the All-Flash Array solution that you and your company can depend on.

Why guess at deduplication ratios when you can know?

A lot of storage vendors provide guarantees for deduplication ratios, but they are guessing or generalizing what the dedupe ratio will be for your environment. StorTrends makes knowing your specific deduplication ratio and flash configuration simple. StorTrends has developed StorTrends iDATA Tool., a free yet highly intuitive performance analysis tool, that runs non-intrusively in your existing environment and generates an analysis report detailing expected data reduction ratios, IOPS, throughput, capacity, memory, CPU usage, projected capacity growth, and specifically indicates the amount of write flash and read flash needed to support the environment. Unlike other all-flash vendors, each StorTrends 3600i and 3610i is tailored toward each customer’s environment adhering to their unique needs and supplying the proper configuration of write intensive and read intensive drives needed to excel within that specific customers IT infrastructure.

iSCSI Support Yes (1GbE, 10GbE)
Inline Compression and Deduplication Yes
Advanced Snapshot Module Yes
Archiving with Deduplication Yes
Asynchronous Replication Yes (Snapshot Assisted)
WAN Data Services (WDS) Yes - Deduplication, Compression, Encryption, WAN Optimization
Thin & Exact Provisioning Yes
Auto Tiering / Information Lifecycle Management Yes
Volume Quality of Service (QoS) Yes
Capacity Expansion with StorTrends 3202j JBOD Yes
RAID Support RAID-RT™ with RAID 5, 50
ManageTrends™ Web-based GUI Yes
Storage Resource Management (SRM) Reports Yes
Universal Power Supply (UPS) Support Yes
Network Teaming Support Yes (802.3ad, R.R., A/TLB)
VMware vSphere Plug-in Yes
VAAI Primitives Support Yes
Hardware StorTrends 3610i All Flash SAN
Form Factor 3U, 16 bay
Weight 96 lbs (43.5 kg)
Dimensions 17.2 in x 5.2 in x 24.2 in (437 x 132 x 615 mm)
Power Supply Redundant Yes
Power Supply Hot-swappable Yes
Drive Bays 16
Drive Interface SAS Solid State Drives (Flash)
Hot Swappable Drives Yes
Number of Processors Four (4) Intel® QuadCore processors with two (2) processors per controller
Memory 192 GB (96 GB per controller)
Max Capacity 256 TB
Write Tier Drive Capacities 200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB, 1.6, TB 2 TB Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Read Tier Drive Capacities 240 GB, 480 GB, 960 GB, 1.6 TB, 2 TB, 3.8 TB Solid State Drives(SSD)