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Product Briefs

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    StorTrends 2610i Product Brief

    StorTrends 3400i Product Brief

    StorTrends 3500i Product Brief

    StorTrends 3610i Product Brief

    StorTrends iDATA Product Brief

    Data Sheets

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      StorTrends iTX 5.0 Data Sheet

      StorTrends 3202j Data Sheet

      StorTrends 3400i Data Sheet

      StorTrends 3500i Data Sheet

      StorTrends iTX 2.8 Data Sheet

      Tech Sheets

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        Tech Sheet: HA/Failover with StorTrends iTX

        Tech Sheet: Snap Assisted Replication Setup

        Tech Sheet: Storage Resource Management

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends 3500i SSD

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends Benefits of Active/Active Architecture

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends DR Guide

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends iTX/Hyper-V Integration

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends VMware Configuration

        Tech Sheet: StorTrends VSS

        Tech Sheet: WAN Optimization

        White Papers

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          White Paper: Active/Active vs. Active/Passive

          White Paper: Advanced Snapshots

          White Paper: Data Continuity through HA

          White Paper: Data Replication

          White Paper: Disaster Recovery

          White Paper: Fault Tolerant DR

          White Paper: Introduction to iSCSI

          White Paper: RAID-RT

          White Paper: Snapshots

          White Paper: SSD