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StorTrends SAN and NAS products are designed with flexibility in mind, to meet the challenges and demands of today's data centers with ease.

Basic to Advanced Solutions

Easy to install and manage, StorTrends Basic SAN and NAS appliances offer outstanding value and reliability. With the complete feature set of StorTrends iTX, StorTrends Advanced SAN and NAS appliances provide the most sophisticated, enterprise-class storage solutions that AMI has to offer.

Serving a Multitude of Vertical Markets

The one thing that all StorTrends SAN and NAS appliances have in common: they are easy to deploy and maintain, and offer a Total Cost of Operation (TCO) that outshines the competition.

StorTrends data storage products are deployed in locations around the globe in a wide variety of vertical markets, such as:

  • Academia
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Geospatial
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Media and Creative
  • Retail

StorTrends products offer outstanding solutions for a multitude of today's mission-critical data storage needs, including:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuance
  • Data Replication
  • Storage Virtualization
  • And much more...

Some typical configurations / uses for StorTrends SAN and NAS products include:

  • Single StorTrends SAN appliance connected to Microsoft® Server 2008/2003, Linux application server
  • Single StorTrends SAN appliance connected to above with remote replication (SAR) to secondary storage offsite
  • Single StorTrends appliance as a NAS (file server)
  • StorTrends High Availability (HA) pair connected to Microsoft® Server 2008/2003, Linux application server
  • StorTrends HA pair as above, with remote replication (SAR) to secondary storage offsite
  • StorTrends appliance in virtual environment (VMware®, Virtual Iron®, Citrix Xen®, Vmotion®, Hyper-V® and so on.)

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Customer Quote

StorTrends had literally every single feature I was looking for; auto tiering, data dedupe and archiving, innovative data replication and WAN Optimization, a certified VWware® plug-in -- everything. When I saw the GUI and how easy it is to use, I knew I had to take a further look. I got all the functionality I wanted and a much better GUI for literally half the cost of similar solutions from other vendors. In our budget-conscious era, this was an extremely welcome surprise.
Tim Robinson, Sr. IT Coordinator
University of Maryland

StorTrends iDATA Tool

Free download tool to analyze your IT infrastructure. StorTrends iDATA automatically runs in the background of your environment for seven (7) days to report the Capacity, IOPS usage, Reads versus Writes, Network Bandwidth, Server Performance Statistics and Application Info.

Price Calculator

Select your disk type, disk size, interface, capacity and support type to generate a pricing proposal for the StorTrends storage appliance that best fits your needs. It's okay. You don't have to speak with a sales rep to get a price quote for StorTrends.

VDI Solutions Guide

Download this free Solutions Guide on VDI to learn more about how StorTrends can help your company implement a cost-effective and high-performance VDI solution. StorTrends is the center most piece of a VDI solution that bridges the capacity and performance needs for a robust solution.