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Databases can pose many challenges and obstacles to businesses and their environments. These challenges typically stem from Performance, Availability and Redundancy Requirements.


A key part of any database deployment is its performance and with the cost of SSDs declining, they are becoming a much more viable option to businesses. However, many storage vendors simply provide SSD hardware to handle performance demands. StorTrends offers SSDs as both an SSD cache and tier layer with features such as Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV) that intelligently allocates high performance to users' most frequently accessed or critical data.


For many businesses, downtime of a database is unacceptable. In many enterprises, even a maintenance window can be difficult to achieve. StorTrends offers dual controller models that support both Active/Active and Active/Passive configurations - providing availability of 99.999%.


StorTrends is equipped with a robust set of replication tools that allow replication of data to users' offsite locations for disaster recovery or archival. Additionally, StorTrends is able to replicate between different products within the StorTrends family for a customizable solution. StorTrends replication technologies provide adaptive compression to reduce compression overhead, data de-duplication and a proprietary WAN Optimization tool to overcome latencies that are inherent with TCP/IP over a WAN.

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Customer Quote

The StorTrends iDATA tool quickly pointed out the IOPS, active data and throughput requirements within our infrastructure to be better prepared to make the right storage investment.
Phil Blakely, Network & Systems Administrator
Restaurant Technology, Inc.