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Video Surveillance

With increasing crime and everyday lawsuits, companies and organizations are being forced to increase video surveillance activities. This means increasing camera counts, recording at higher resolutions and growing video retention. This means the video surveillance solution needs to be a living environment adaptable to the changes of the business. From small businesses to convention centers to casinos running thousands of cameras, the StorTrends 3500i offers the most efficient, powerful and cost effective solution in the market today for video surveillance storage.

The StorTrends 3500i combines SSD drives and NL-SAS spinning drives within the primary appliance to provide a combination of performance and capacity to meet the video storage requirements for storing, playing back and replicating the video. The StorTrends 3500i expands by adding StorTrends 3202j JBODs downstream via live capacity expansion. Growing vertically allows for cost effective deep growth for storage retention. Utilizing Auto Data Tiering, the StorTrends 3500i can promote any stored videos to the SSD drive layer allowing for fast video playback. This allows for the highest performance while growing the overall capacity at the most reasonably priced solution in the market.

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Customer Quote

Because we are a police department, we have to keep all of our data. We simply just needed an array that can scale with our growing demands. Especially with our crime scene unit - because they are the ones who take pictures, audio and video that we have to keep forever. At the time, we were running out of disk space on our current SAN quicker than we could purchase it. Once we saw the demo, we knew. We chose StorTrends because we could add on to it. It came down to expandability and cost.
George Dalton, Departmental Microsystems Specialist
DeKalb County, Georgia Police Department

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Video Surveillance Solutions Guide

Download this free Solutions Guide on Video Surveillance to learn more about how StorTrends can help you create a cost-effective and efficient solution. StorTrends understands the requirements of Video Surveillance and we take pride in offering the most efficient, powerful and cost effective solution in the market today.