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Optimized to support VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and Red Hat RHEV, the StorTrends 3500i Hybrid Storage Array delivers solid state drive (SSD) caching, tiering and automatically tuned volumes capabilities within the same array to achieve dramatic enterprise performance and reliability at an extremely affordable price point.

Benefits of Virtualization and Centralized Storage include the following:

  • Reduce IT Cost and Management Overhead with a Virtualized Server & Storage Environment.
  • Load Balance Databases between Virtualized Servers and Centralized Storage.
  • Increase Data Availability & Uptime while also Protecting the Data from Disasters.

StorTrends offers a Plug-In for VMware vSphere allowing users to manage the StorTrends appliances directly from within the VMware vSphere management GUI. This allows for ease of management for both the servers and the storage from one location. StorTrends also supports the VMware VAAI primitives allowing for enhanced functionality and reduced management time of the storage appliance. The VAAI primitives are essentially "shortcuts" to performing advanced management task within the StorTrends appliance allowing for extreme ease of management for IT Admins.

Whether it is virtualizing 2 or 10,000 physical servers, StorTrends appliances have the ability to provide the storage performance and ease of management network administrators require to sustain a stable and efficient IT Environment.

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Customer Quote

As I researched potential SAN solutions for Cambridge, I kept coming back to StorTrends from AMI. It had the ability to handle capacity needs, the required redundancy in their HA configuration, a very easy and intuitive GUI, certification with VWware® and JBODs for future expansion. But what sealed the deal was the price – StorTrends was 25% less than a similar solution from another vendor.
Chris Haight, President
Prevare Information Technology Services

StorTrends iDATA Tool

Free download tool to analyze your IT infrastructure. StorTrends iDATA automatically runs in the background of your environment for seven (7) days to report the Capacity, IOPS usage, Reads versus Writes, Network Bandwidth, Server Performance Statistics and Application Info.

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Server Virtualization Solutions Guide

Download this free Solutions Guide on Server Virtualization to learn how StorTrends can help reduce cost, data sprawl and management overhead. StorTrends supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-v, Citrix and RHEV server virtualization software packages.